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Premium Membership

CLAIM your listing and become a PREMIUM Member for a low annual fee. With a Premium Membership you create your own page to ensure you market your space to its fullest potential. To keep things simple, we have created a predefined template that provides all relevant details about your space including, but not limited to the following:

  • Description Section
  • Center Pictures
  • Space Types
  • Membership Pricing
  • Amenity List
  • Contact Details
  • Detailed Map

This allows you to maximize your leads and promote your property without paying a referral fee.

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Promoting Your Space
We are happy to promote your space on a monthly basis or longer, which means you will get top billing on the appropriate submarket page. Depending on the total number of promoted sites, we will rotate your center on the market page and our main page.
Operator Page
We want to ensure your brand stands out among the more than 3,300 unique operators nationwide. For a low annual fee you can create your own operator page to help users better understand what you are offering, easily pinpoint all of your locations, and search for you as a brand.
Promoting Your Brand
In addition to promoting a specific space, you can also promote your overall brand on any submarket, market and our main page. Your ad will be featured when a user launches a search. The ad may take them to your operator page if you have one or your own web site.